Required Headline w/ Color Selector

Optional body copy. You may house an unlimited amount of text in this field. The paragraph styling, however, is locked in. That means leading, color, paragraph margins are set based on the standards agreed to on the Erickson Living website. We can, however, bold body copy in the block.

Below are the modules available for this template. You can use all, some or none.

This is a floor plan module. This optional intro only needs to be used once if you are including multiple floor plans on your page. Work with your assigned writer to maintain a character count of 100-200.

Optional Image Headline

Required: The only piece of this module that is required is the image. If you'd like to add additional images to your body copy, you only need to supply the image.

Optional Content: You can add an optional headline and update its color and alignment. You can also add this optional copy blurb for this content module. You can use this to highlight content like special offers or benefits.

White Paper Download

This is a white paper download. You must include a PDF for download if you select this option. The Headline color can be changed, as well as the alignment. The icon on the button is fixed.

Download Now

*This is an optional disclaimer copy block that Web Team will automatically add to a page any time disclaimer content is provided.

Required Headline

Optional Subheading

Optional form introduction which typically includes the phone number 1-800-234-5678 and call-to-action. This content will be placed below your required 600x330px image. If using sales counselor images such as below, this content will be placed above their information.

Counselor Name

Counselor Title

Counselor Name

Counselor Title